Canes And Crutches


The most advanced Canes and crutches on the Market. Designed to prevent and reduce discomforts from conventional devices  by Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Birnbaum, who worked for over thirty years  in the orthopedic field.


Starting at $235

Tucane - With its spring mechanism located on the handle of the Tucane®, this cane system is propelled as the user lifts the cane, providing a feeling that the cane is walking automatically as the user lifts it from the ground. Just by having the cane close and at the same level of your hip, the user of the Tucane® has the ability to have their back straight while they walk with the cane.

Starting at $115

Ergocane has a telescopic body that adjusts to any height without pre-measured, notched levels. You can calibrate your Ergocane to your height with the push of a button. The Ergocane is easy to manipulate with its lock and release system. No force required. The body of the Ergocane expands from 28 in (71 cm) to 42.5 in (107 cm) for the perfect height for any user.

The patented ergonomic padded grip is designed to: Alleviate pressure, Reduce callus formation and Avoid carpal tunnel discomfort

Starting at $165
Ergobaum Royal Adult and Kids - A new generation of mobility support with enhanced safety, performance, comfort, and elegance. Ergobaum Crutches improve the quality of life for those needing to use walking devices- either for a temporary injury or for a chronic condition.

Ultralight Starting at $45

High Preformance Cap Starting at $55         

Winter Cap with Ice traction starting at $85

Ergo Cap - Provides stability and balance at any angle in which it is positioned. Reduces the vibration and impact with the ground. A universal tip that fits any crutch or cane!