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We are your Canadian distributor for the BodyUp Transfer System, a product that enhances patient mobility for your loved ones and drastically improves their quality of life.

The BodyUp Transfer System is currently marketed in numerous countries throughout the world and was developed by European experts in kinesiotherapy and mobility.


Body Up Transfer and Lift


Caring for a loved one who has mobility issues is extremely difficult. It requires many virtues, such as love, patience and empathy, but it also requires reliable medical treatment and equipment to make the process go smoother.

With the BodyUp Transfer System, you can lift and transfer your patient or loved one from a bed, sofa or wheelchair easier than ever before. The product has a variety of benefits, including:

  • Only requires a single caregiver to operate
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Very light weight
  • Reduces risk of injuries such as bruising, skin tears and falls
  • Enables patients and loved ones to be treated with dignity and respect

In addition to its primary use as a lift aid, it can also be used as a transport chair, shower chair or bathroom chair. This versatility makes it a must-have piece of equipment for institutions and caregivers everywhere.


BodyUp Manual

Providing your loved ones with the mobility care they need:

Transfer from your bed:


Body Up Transfer over bed

Transfer into your vehicle:


body up transfer to car

Use in the shower or the commode:


body up transfer for commode

Your BodyUp Transfer and Lift can quickly and easily be folded into 3 pieces for storage or transport: Folding transport and lift

The BodyUp Transfer and Lift  can be easily raised and lowered:


Close up of Body Up handle

The BodyUp Transfer and Lift has a detachable back for easy transferring:Detachable back for transfer

BodyUp Evolution Transfer and Lift foot supports:     Body Up Transfer foot supports

The BodyUp transfer lift width can easily be adjusted:     Body Up Transfer Width Adjustment

Use the second seat for around the house:

Body Up Evolution Transfer second seat

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