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Training and Evaluations

quick release hand controlsQuick Release Hand Control System

The favorite hand control system amongst today’s Rehabilitation Specialists is the Sure Grip Quick Release 4-in-1 system. The innovative design allows for easy removal and installation of the hand control, to help better accommodate able bodied drivers.
The SURE GRIP Quick Release was created with the intent of being interchangeable with other styles of mechanical hand controls. There by providing all important options to both client and specialists. Howell Ventures has placed hundreds of Quick Release systems that are being actively used by today’s driving Rehabilitation Specialists. Comes standard with AutoLock


steering wheel extensionSteering Wheel Extension

Individually customizable — pick your diameter, pick your height. Easily removable and completely compatible with any OEM steering wheel. 3 points of secured contact. A must for evaluators.



Dual Gas Brake armDual Gas and Brake Control Arm

This control was designed to allow for control of braking and acceleration functions from the passenger side of the vehicle. The control was originally intended to give trainers additional control of the vehicle during training sessions. Some therapists are now having Dual Brake & Gas installed in the client’s vehicle and conducting training in the clients own vehicle. The control also allows for additional training sessions at home with a parent or other licensed driver.


eval training brakeEval/Training Brake

Provides positive braking and ease of operation by the driving instructor. The use of aircraft grade cable and fittings insures safety. The Dual Brake Set installs completely within the passenger compartment, even in vehicles with limited space under the dash. The actuation cable can be easily adjusted to length during installation.




static simulatorIn-Clinic Static Simulator

Perfect for exposing clients to all styles of mechanical hand controls and a wide array of steering devices prior to getting behind the wheel. This evaluation aid only requires a relatively small amount of space.


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