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AutoLock Lock Out

Sure Grip is proud to offer the AutoLock system. AutoLock is a revolutionary addition to the hand controls and left foot accelerators offered by Sure Grip. AutoLock is an accelerator lockout system used to the disable the use of a hand control or left foot accelerator until it is needed.  We offer this is two versions, either manual or electronic.

AutoLock Manual_lock out

Manual Lock

The manual AutoLock is included with every hand control sold by Sure Grip. The control’s use is locked out by the user when leaving the vehicle simply by sliding the locking lever to the right. When the control needs to be used again, the user can easily slide the locking lever to the left and operate the hand control normally.


Sure Grip Solenoid Lock-out lock

Electronic Lock Out

The AutoLock system will not release the use of the mobility equipment until the vehicle has been started and a deactivation button has been pressed. The lockout system reactivates once the vehicles engine is turned off. The electronic system is easily installed and as it not vehicle specific the system is an affordable addition to any mobility vehicle.

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