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Greater mobility means greater freedom. We are dedicated to your mobility. We find the solutions. We put them in motion. Simple. Basic. Uncomplicated. We make gaining access to your vehicle the last of your worries, because being mobile is a fundamental need. Our goal is to find ways to make your life easier.

The passionate, creative Adapt-Solutions team brings you innovative mobility solutions. Our products are reliable, sleek, and designed with simplicity so that they work when you need them.

We listen attentively to all requests and suggestions with the hope of bringing you the best product and service ever. We strive to understand the needs and challenges of the mobility industry and use this knowledge to recommend simple, practical solutions.

We take safety seriously. Actual in-vehicle crash testing is a regular part of our research & development. Making sure that our product interacts properly with the safety features found in your vehicle is important to us. By proving with third party verification, that we are compliant to Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, we assure that you will be happy with what we have to offer.

When you choose Adapt-Solutions, you will be pleased with the service & products that you receive from our team. We stand behind our products. We are eager to work with you and help you in your quest for the best quality mobility equipment.


XL-Base, XL base, swivel seat, swivel seat base, motorised pivoting and lowering seat base


Our completely automatic pivoting and lowering seat base will turn your head. Smooth, motorized motions will make getting in and out of your vehicle so much easier.

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XL Seat, motorised transfer board for vans, trucks, SUVs, removable transfer board


The XL-SEAT is a motorized transfer board that assists in bridging the gap for transfers from a wheelchair into the driver's seat. It is also available for the front passenger position.

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Hi Lift optional wheelchair lifter, wheelchair lifter for minivans


The HI-LIFT is a wheelchair lift designed for the sliding door application of minivans. It is used to lift foldable or rigid frame manual chairs.

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XL Board, transfer board for the Mazda 5


Neat vehicle transfer board designed exclusively for the Mazda 5.

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Speedy Lift, motorized wheelchair lift for vans


Looking for speed and ease? This fast moving motorized wheelchair lift will get you going! It's designed to make things easier for you as a driver.

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Power Pull, wheelchair and passenger ramp assist system, assists you getting up a wheelchair ramp, mobility aid


The POWER PULL makes it much easier to get a wheelchair up & down a ramp.

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